NFT Collection

We use data from our physical products to create digital pieces as NFT’s, by that we are the very first hybrid fashion brand from Berlin. Our digital collection is a strategic step to enter the metaverse, here we can access new customers in the web 3.0 environment:

  • AR experience via Instagram filters – use the digital peice to find your perfect fit
  • In Gaming metaverse fashion – collect, design and pimp up your game avatar

Its not only another JPEG image, its a new store of value on the blockchain – its an NFT (Non-fungible-token).

„Founded via Social Media, YES MY LOVE is already a brand in the Metaverse. As a future-oriented brand, we take every digital trend as an opportunity to grow and be even more sustainable. This is why we also see a sustainable way of trying on our products in Digital Change rooms, which will allow us to reduce returns to protect the environment. We also see NFT ́s as a new chance to grow.“

Lena Nussbaum, Founder

YES MY LOVE is now working with Designer Taskin Goec (Maison Taskin)

He is a professional Virtual Fashion Designer and will help YML to enter the new world of Fashion in the metaverse.

„The metaverse offers countless new social contexts. As a virtual and material Fashion Designer, I am excited to take my craft and signature to these new spaces. Eventually, they will allow us to consume fashion in a more satisfactory way while overcoming the issues of physical fashion production.“

Taskin Goec
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